Delphinium elatum

Delphinium Tall Mixed is a perennial often treated as an annual with tall stately flower spikes and large, deeply cut leaves.

  • Growing Tip: Plant in full sun in cool areas and part shade in warm areas. Plant in rich soil and feed when in bud. Early spring plantings that are cut back after summer may flower again in autumn.
  • Position: Full sun to part shade
  • Height / Spacing: 90-120cm, 30-45cm apart. 2-3 Delphinium plants will cover a square metre.
  • Lifespan: Annual
  • Range: Code B Punnet
  • Colour: MIXED
  • Planting Time: All year
  • Flowering: 16-18 weeks after planting, flowers may not flower in the first year.
  • Flowering Time: Spring, Summer and Autumn
  • Uses: Delphiniums offer superb background colour and are popular cut flowers.

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