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Xerochrysum bracteata

Dreamtime™ are hardy, fast-growing Australian natives producing large flowers on compact plants. Flowers appear from spring through autumn. These Xerochrysum (syn. Bracteantha) plants are low water users once established.
Flower centres turn golden yellow at maturity.
Availability of individual colours may vary seasonally and between States and Territories.
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  • Growing Tip: Plant in well-drained soil or, if growing in pots, use an Australian Standards potting mix. Prune plants when required to maintain shape and promote additional flowering. For growing in pots, use a good quality, well drained potting mix, for native plants. Allow potting mix to dry out briefly in between waterings. Tolerates light frosts.
  • Position: Full sun
  • Height / Spacing: 30cm, 30cm apart.
  • Lifespan: Perennial
  • Available Pot Sizes: 150mm
  • Available: Autumn, winter, spring (NSW and ACT); Autumn, Spring, Summer (VIC).
  • Colour: Mix
  • Flowering Time: Autumn, Winter, early Spring.
  • Uses: Ideal for borders, garden edging, patio pots and hanging baskets.

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