Alcea rosea annua

Hollyhock Crimson is a compact variety suitable for planting in containers as well as out in the garden. A short-lived perennial treated as an annual, Hollyhock Crimson produces large semi-double to double flowers within the first year of growth. Also available in Lemon and Purple.

  • Growing Tip: Pinch plants at the fifth or seventh node to encourage formation of multiple strong flowering stems. Fertilise regularly at recommended rates.
  • Position: Full sun
  • Height / Spacing: 90cm, 30-40cm apart. 5-7 Hollyhock plants will cover a square metre.
  • Lifespan: Biennial
  • Range: Code C Punnet, VisionsĀ® 100mm pots
  • Colour: RED
  • Planting Time: Autumn, Spring
  • Flowering: 15-17 weeks after planting if growing from seedlings. Allow an extra two weeks if plants have been pinched.
  • Flowering Time: Late Spring to mid-Autumn

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