Catharanthus roseus

Vinca Bright Pink is a heat loving perennial treated as an annual in cooler areas. Vincas produce large flat flowers in fabulous shades.

  • Growing Tip: Tip prune to encourage bushiness.
  • Position: Full sun to near full shade
  • Height / Spacing: 25-30cm, 25-30cm apart. 9-16 Vinca plants will cover a square metre.
  • Lifespan: Annual
  • Range: Code C Punnet
  • Colour: PINK
  • Planting Time: Spring and Summer
  • Flowering: 6-8 weeks after planting in warm conditions
  • Flowering Time: Summer
  • Uses: In pots, window boxes or border plantings, Vincas thrive in warm conditions and are a water wise selection.

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