August 22, 2021

Community gardens bringing communities together!

Plant lovers often describe their own garden as "their happy place" - but what if you don't have space for a garden or the ability to garden on your own? Thankfully community gardens are sprouting up all over the country and many people are discovering the joy of gardening for the first time and connecting with other like-minded community members.

At Oasis we're passionate about getting more people gardening and enjoying its benefits, so it's only natural that we take pride in supporting many community gardens around Australia through their local garden centre.

Oasis supplies a wide range of top quality plants, exclusively to Independent Garden Centres. These garden centres then share their knowledge and skills with the local community gardens, where our plants are growth for the whole community to enjoy.

Community gardens are a valuable place for gardeners from different backgrounds to share plant and cooking knowledge - often bringing communities together to share a meal of their own homegrown food.

More than just a space to grow food, community gardens have proven to positively impact members social lives and their nutritional and mental health. Gardeners of all ages, abilities and backgrounds come together in a community garden - friendships are formed, knowledge is shared and a strong sense of achievement is gained.

Local garden centres are an integral part in the success of community gardens - providing them with plants and expert plant knowledge. Your local garden centre plays an important role in your local community and Oasis Horticulture is proud to support local garden centres.

A special thanks to Mt Colah and Whites Creek community garden centres for sharing their stories and contribution to their local community. 


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