Chilli Australia

Capsicum annuum (Poblano)

Chilli Australia is a mild, flat, blocky variety with a deep purplish-green colour and can grow up to 10cm long. It is a mild flavour and heat when it is less ripe and green but the heat will intensify as the fruit matures. Perfect for salads, drying for later use, stuffed and roasted and a huge selection of other dishes.

  • Growing Tip: Water regularly and apply a Potassium rich fertiliser at recommended rates to promote flowering and fruiting.
  • Position: Full sun
  • Height / Spacing: 60cm
  • Lifespan: Annual
  • Planting Guide: Cultivate area to a depth of 15cm, mix in a complete garden fertiliser at recommended rates. If planting in a container use a good commercial potting mix.
  • Range: Home Harvest 125mm pots

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