Capsicum frutescens

Feast your eyes on this fiery performer! Chilli Basket of Fire is an exceptional F1 hybrid that looks and performs magnificiently cascading from hanging baskets and pots.
The magic of the Chilli Basket of Fire lies in its ability to produce an ever changing display of hot, spicy fruit (heat rating approx. 7.5/10) whilst retaining an attractive and well-rounded habit. As the fruit ripen through shades of cream, orange and red the plant continues to produce strong basal growth topped with fresh new foliage.

  • Growing Tip: Good tolerance to cooler weather ensures an attractive display well into autumn.
  • Position: Full sun
  • Height / Spacing: 30cm, 60cm
  • Lifespan: Annual
  • Culinary: Chilli Basket of Fire is more than ornamental and appeals to gardeners who love to cook with hot, spicy flavours. The fruit may be used fresh or dried.
  • Range: 200mm hanging basket

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