Strategic Vision and Corporate Profile

Strategic Vision Statement

Oasis Horticulture aims to be the market leader in high quality, volume green life products developed with a customer focus and produced through efficient and profitable processes which deliver value to our customers, increasing returns to our shareholders and a fulfilling work environment for our employees.

Corporate Profile

Oasis Horticulture is highly motivated towards providing Australian gardeners and landscapers with innovative, quality products for a happier, healthier and more sustainable future.

Oasis Horticulture Pty Ltd is the largest producer and distributor of bedding plants in Australia with a selection of more than 600 varieties of flowers, vegetables and herbs sourced from the finest genetics worldwide. Additionally, its product portfolio of potted crops includes Chillies, Cyclamen, Tulips and other bulbs, Geraniums, Poinsettias and Chrysanthemums.

Oasis Horticulture Pty Ltd is privately owned by Consolo Limited and has a long record of success and growth in the horticultural industry. With production facilities near Cranbourne in Victoria and Springwood in NSW, together with strong partnerships with wholesale growers nationally, Oasis is a market leader. Recent acquisitions have consolidated this position of strength and allowed the company to continue its drive to create quality plants through production efficiency and pooled industry skill and know how.

Oasis Horticulture Pty Ltd produces the Oasis, Floriana, Woodlyn and Colourwave brands and undertakes contract growing. Customers include independent garden centres, supermarkets, hardware stores, landscapers, government institutions as well as other wholesale growers Australia-wide. The company also supplies other wholesale growers with young plants and seedling plugs through the Oasis Young Plants Division based in Springwood, NSW.

Oasis Horticulture Pty Ltd is unique as it delivers across all facets of the value chain from research and development, propagation and production to extensive sales and distribution solutions. This position has allowed Oasis Horticulture to become an industry leader underpinned by its dedication to continual improvement.

Our commitment to customer service, product innovation, environmental issues and research and development will ensure a successful and profitable future for our customers and stakeholders.

Oasis Young Plants

Oasis Young Plants works closely with a network of independently owned wholesale nurseries across all Australian states and territories, to ensure plants are produced close to local retail outlets. Oasis Young Plants does not supply direct to retail outlets or the general public.

Plant varieties are sourced from United States, Europe, Japan and South Africa, and from our joint venture with plant-breeding company, Bonza Botanicals which develops new flowering plants right here in Sydney.

Research & Development

During 2005, Oasis formed a joint venture company (Bonza Botanicals) with the internationally recognized Japanese business, Suntory Flowers Limited. This signified recognition of the quality R&D Oasis had been attributed with and has positioned the joint venture for a strong future with the pooled resources of Oasis and Suntory. Bonza Botanicals is rapidly becoming an Australian export leader of new ornamental plant breeding lines in the international horticultural community.

Bonza is responsible for the breeding and development of new and unique varieties, such as the Princettia® (Poinsettia), Madeira™ (Argyranthemum), Dreamtime™ (Bracteantha), and other crops, which are sold throughout the world.

Affiliations and Accreditations

  • Founding member of the peak industry association - The Nursery and Gardening Industry of Australia.
  • Active member of the state industry associations Nursery & Garden Industry of Victoria, NSW and ACT and QLD.
  • Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme, Australia (NIASA). Industry certified best practice accreditation scheme.

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