Nicotiana x alata

Nicotiana, otherwise known as flowering tobacco, is a hardy annual / tender perennial with pretty, star-like and trumpet-shaped blooms during the warmer months. This compact form develops full flower coverage. Blooms may open to release a fragrance in late afternoon and early evening.

Nicotiana is suitable for ornamental use only and is harmful if eaten.

  • Growing Tip: Plant in garden beds and medium-large containers. Prefers a rich, moist soil or potting mix. Water well during warm weather. Best grown as an annual in many areas.
  • Position: Full sun to part shade
  • Height / Spacing: 30cm, 25cm apart.
  • Lifespan: Annual
  • Range: Colour On Colour
  • Flowering Time: Sold in 170mm pots in full flower
  • Flowering : Spring and Summer
  • Available: Spring

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