Viola X wittrockiana

Pansy Spreading Mix is a vigorous, easy-to-grow annual that reaches up to 60cm in width. The medium-sized flowers appear in a medley of yellow, lemon, white and purple shades sitting above lush foliage on plants with a superior branching habit. Blooms recover quickly after rain and watering.

  • Growing Tip: Remove spent flowers to promote fresh blooms.
  • Position: Full sun to part shade
  • Height / Spacing: 15-20cm, 60cm apart
  • Lifespan: Annual
  • Range: Code C Punnet, Festival Hanging Basket 270mm
  • Colour: MIX
  • Planting Time: Autumn, Winter, Spring
  • Flowering Time: Autumn to late Spring
  • Weeks to Flower: 6-8 weeks after planting as seedlings.
  • Use: Use as a groundcover in garden beds to create a superb massed display or border. Allow to spill over the edges of hanging baskets, containers or retaining walls.

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