Primula malacoides

Primula Lollipops Mixed is an easy to grow annual producing masses of delicate lacy blooms in shades of bright pink, lavender, warm pink, burgundy and white.

  • Growing Tip: Plant in rich soil in a sheltered position.
  • Position: Full sun to near full shade
  • Height / Spacing: 30-40cm,25-30cm apart. 10-16 Primulas will cover a square metre.
  • Lifespan: Annual
  • Range: Code B Punnet
  • Colour: MIXED
  • Planting Time: Autumn and Winter
  • Flowering: 8-12 weeks after planting.
  • Flowering Time: Winter-early Spring
  • Uses: Mass plant Primulas in garden beds for a magnificent display. Plant into pots or hanging baskets or leave to naturalise in gardens.

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