• Mix of Giant White and Giant Pink flowers
  • Pretty Rose Pink
  • Classic Crimson
  • Classic Dark Red
  • Giant Crimson
  • Giant Pink
  • Giant White


Mandevilla hybrid

Sun Parasol® plants are climbers by nature and produce lots of tropical style flowers. There are three series available; Pretty, Classic and Giant.

Pretty varieties are generally the first to flower during spring, followed by the Classic varieties, and then the Giant varieties.

Pretty plants have strong branching habit. They need a structure for support. Potted plants in this series are also suitable for indoor display for short periods.

Sun Parasol® Classic plants retain a shrub-like habit when grown in a full sun position, but will trail in part sun and are particularly well suited for growing in hanging baskets.

Sun Parasol® Giant flowers are very large and the plants are fast-growing, benefiting from a trellising and regular pruning.

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  • Growing Tip: Water adequately but not excessively. Use a high-nitrogen fertiliser. For plants growing in containers, apply fertiliser every two weeks; for plants growing in the ground apply fertiliser monthly. May lose some foliage if exposed to cool conditions, but will exhibit regrowth in the Spring.
  • Position: Full sun
  • Height / Spacing: 3-5 metres tall
  • Lifespan: Perennial
  • Available Pot Sizes: 200mm
  • Colour: Mix of colours available.
  • Flowering Time: Early spring to late autumn.

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