Get your Winter Garden Bursting with Colour

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Create a glorious spread of colour throughout the cooler months with plants that thrive in autumn and winter.

Colourful annuals like pansies can cascade beautifully over the sides of pots and out of hangings baskets, or create a river of colour in garden beds under deciduous trees and shrubs. Spreading pansies in particular can reach up to 75cm wide and flower continuously all season.

For a more delicate colour display, Viola's are also easy to grow when the temperature starts to drop. Delightfully petite flowers appear over rich green foliage and are perfectly placed in window sill troughs or in pots and baskets dotted around the balcony. To keep the flourish of blooms appearing, simply remove spent flowers and feed with a liquid fertiliser every few weeks.

Perhaps you are after a more dramatic effect for your garden? Snapdragons are a classic variety of tall stemmed flower, available in numerous colours and mixes and guaranteed to delight. These fragrant blooms also make for a wonderful cut flower, so you can enjoy them inside out of the cold.

Colour in Winter Gardens:

  • Being creative with colour selections can alter the feel and tone of any garden or pot display.
  • Harmonious landscapes are achieved by selecting similar colours, like blue, purple and violet.
  • For more energy and playfulness in a space, use complementary colours, such as vivid mixes of orange and blue, yellow and violet or red and green.

Soil Preparation:

  • Generally, annuals and perennials require loose soil that drains easily. Prepare your garden by digging compost into the top 15cm of soil prior to planting.
  • For pots or containers, use fresh Australian Standards general purpose potting mix containing slow release fertilisers and water storage granules.

How to Plant:

  • Gently remove plants from the punnet and separate seedlings, then place each in the light and soil position recommend on the label back. Plant the seedling into soil or potting mix to the same level as it was in the punnet and water in carefully. Ensure to keep well-watered in following weeks until plant is well-established. Refer to plant label for ongoing care and maintenance instructions.
  • Enjoy time in the garden and nurturing your flowers from seedling to established plants, by protecting them from pests and cleaning any dead leaves and flowers. Gardening is a healing release from the pressures of daily life and rewards us with a sense of inner satisfaction that is praised by health experts. Low impact gardening and fresh air benefits all ages.