Creating a cool weather potted Veggie Patch

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All you need to start growing your own healthy produce right on your very own doorstep is a sunny position and a pot of the recommended size that has good drainage.

To give your container-grown vegetables the very best start in life use a general purpose Australian Standards potting mix and fertilise regularly according to label instructions.
Keep pots well watered in warm weather and shade containers on very hot days.

Of course you will also need to choose small growing varieties that will thrive in a potted garden, will still provide you with a large harvest.

Here are some of our winter favourites:

Broccoli ‘Bambino’
This baby broccoli produces tender florets on long stems; full of flavour and healthy vitamins and minerals.
Suitable for a 30-40cm pot.

Cauliflower ‘White Cloud’
An outstanding hybrid variety that is easy to grow in pots due to its upright habit and disease tolerance. Produces a medium-large cauliflower that is firm and compact.
Plant in a 30-40cm pot for best results.

Kale ‘Tuscan’
An heirloom variety with a great flavour that is also easy to grow. Dark, crinkly leaves make an attractive addition to the garden. Good source of vitamins, minerals, fibre and
Use a 20-30cm pot.

Cabbage ‘Sugar Bowl'
Early maturing, Australian bred variety. Produces a medium-sized sweet, crisp cabbage.
Use a 30-40cm pot for best results.